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First Photography in Academic Research

Fotografie und Photoshop, Seminare und Workshops

International Conference on Photography in Academic Research 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am very happy to have the opportunity to present my work and I am very grateful for the invitation.
Photography! Never have there been so many photos than today. Remembrance, documentation, art. There are many reasons for photography.
Photography is not the one or the other. Technology of today gives me the tools for capturing my reality and for changing it. And it is a basis for my inspiration.
For me as a photographer creating a photo is similar to creating a painting for a painter, from the empty canvass to the final picture. The empty canvass is my emptiness in the field. Embarking on the situation, realising, hearing , feeling. My subconscious forcing me to press the release. Why? More often than not I do not know. The sum of all my experiences implodes to a moment of diffuse insight. Analysing and reflecting on the image and interacting with myself will disclose my own motives, sometimes.
And this also generates the endpoint – the final picture.